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Vixia HF R700 Image Shakes


I bought a couple of these based on the reviews to use to record concerts that I promote. However, when on tripods, the vibration from the music causes the image to distort on both cameras. They are exceptionally light but I have never had this issue before with any other camera, including my phone. If you hold the camera there is no problem.


I tried weighting the tripods with sandbags - which helped a bit but not enough. 


Not sure if anyone else has this issue and has come up with a solution but any ideas will be appreciated!





Rising Star

I sometimes get this with my G40. The vibration is being transmitted to the camera via the tripod. In my case using a monopod helps tremendously. I know in your case this is not an option. See if you can isolate the tripods feet from the floor. Maybe standing then on the sandbags.

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You might also try experimenting with the Image Stabilization switched on and off.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Sprisco,


Thanks for posting.

When using a tripod, please turn your camcorder's image stabilizer off.

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