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VIXIA HF R70 question


My VIXIA HF R70 camera won't let me record at 35mbps or at 1/2x speed and I can't figure out why not. Whenever I attempt to change the bitrate to 35mbps the option is greyed out. Same issue with changing recording speed to 1/2x speed. Any advice would be wonderful, thanks!



What type (and speed) of a memory card are you using?  I didn't see anything obvious in the manual regarding when those options would be disabled.  However, it does state that if the card is too slow, that recording at 35Mbps may fail.


Do check though what frame rate you want to record in.  I think for 35Mbps and half-speed, the manual said something about that needing to be 60fps?  I only skimmed the manual, so if you haven't done so already, definitely look for any mention of "35" throughout the manual.


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When you shoot at 60fps, certain fast and slow motion speeds are disabled. Why that is, I don't completely know.