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Shaky Video With Vixia HF R42

Hey folks. I recently purchased the Vixia HF R42. Great little camera. I like the quality of video I'm getting. I have one major issue however. My main use for the camera is videographing trains. I use a tripod, a nice little Manfrotto model. My issue is that as the train passes, the train sends vibrations through the ground, and this shakes the tripod only a little. My previous model, the FS100, didn't pick these vibrations up at all and always gave me smooth video. This was with the image stabilization completely off. With the stabilizer off on the R42, it looks like the camera is having a seizure at best. With the image stabilization on, standard, powered, or dynamic, the video is slightly less shaky, but there is no difference between the different versions of IS. I'm looking for suggestions on how to cure this issue seeing as I didn't have it with my FS100. I used a friend's much heavier tripod today. It made a bit of a difference, but not significant enough to get me to shoot with it all day. Any insight and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi NW_1218,


The motion you're seeing is probably caused by the Image Stabilizer.  I recommend turning it off or setting it for the "Tripod" mode, as shown below:


  • During (Auto) and (Baby) mode, the IS icon will change depending on the shooting situation.
  • In other shooting modes, you can set the image stabilization manually.



The different Intelligent IS marks in (Auto) mode and how to set the image stabilization are listed below.


Intelligent IS

  • Set automatically when the [Camera Mode] is set to (Auto), or (Baby) mode.
Icon Shooting method
(Dynamic IS)Most general situations; Zooming out (zooming toward W); Following subjects at a distance moving left or right
(Powered IS)*Zooming in (zooming toward T)
(Macro IS)Close-up of a subject
(Tripod mode)Remaining stationary, such as when using a tripod

* You can turn off Powered IS through the [ Main Functions] panel.


Setting the image stabilization mode

  • When the [Camera Mode] is set to [ ] (Auto) or [ ] (Baby) mode, this setting cannot be made. Please make the setting in either [ ] (Cinema), [ ] (Special Scene) or [ ] (Program AE).



1. Turn on the camcorder.



2. Touch [ ].



3. Drag your finger left/right to bring the [Other Settings] menu to the center, and then touch the icon to open it.



4. Drag your finger up or down to bring [Image Stabilizer] into the orange selection bar, and then touch the button.



5. Touch desired IS mode.

IS mode Shooting method
DynamicCompensates for a higher degree of camcorder shake, such as when shooting while walking, and is more effective as the zoom approaches full wide angle.
StandardCompensates for a lower degree of camcorder shake, such as when shooting while remaining stationary, and is suitable for shooting natural-looking scenes.
OffUse this setting when the camcorder is mounted on a tripod.



6. Touch [ ].
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You need to get creative with the camera support. Fold the tripod up and use it as a monopod. Then put it on your foot. Or hold it firmly against your body and pan your body. You can even brace the handle on the tripod head against your chin. You'd be surprised how steady you can hold a camera with a little practice. Although you probably won't be able to hold it motionless, you should be able to approach the steadiness of a professional gyroscopic camera mount. Alternatively, get three soft rubber balls. Embed the tripod feet in the balls, than place a heavy hand on the tripod to damp out vibrations.