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R700 Focus is too soft, wide or zoomed

My r700 is great except for its mushy, soft focus. Whether up close or far away, wideangle or zoomed, auto or manual, the picture is never sharp.

Trees, leaves, grass, hair and other fine details are lost—it’s sad that my iPhone takes sharper video than this. I want my r700 to work better, so is there a fix?

Can the lens be recalibrated by hand? Like...take it apart and adjust it? I’ve seen replacement modules to repair the lens. Looks like it has the same size and shape as the all-glass optics of the M-series...



The hardware in this camera is not overly robust.  Keep in mind its CCD is only 1/4.85 


2.07MP at 2K with a variable 1.8 ~4.5 aperature.  Lighting is going to be one of the biggest factors affecting performance.


Are you recording at 60P?  That might help with image quality.   


Taking the camera apart.  I wouldn't recommend that.  If it needs service, I'd send it to Canon.

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What resolution and frame rate is your iPhone shooting at? What settings are you using with the R700? Which auto exposure mode are you using for each camera? Do you use a tripod? Are you viewing the results from both on the same monitor using the same software?


It would be helpful if you could post a link to a sample video you've uploaded to YouTube or somewhere similar.