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VIXIA HF G60 Struggles to Focus


Almost a year ago I noticed that my G60 had started to struggle with focusing while zooming in/out. The problem is at it’s worst when the camera is almost fully zoomed out. If the camera is zoomed out and I barely zoom a mm it loses focus completely and the second I stop zooming it focuses immediately. I reviewed videos I took in the previous year and half I owned the camera and the issue did not seem to exist apart from the usual focus failures while zooming. 

In addition to this the zoom often seems to “stick”. I’ve had this issue for about a year and a half. I had it before on a G40 and the zoom rocker eventually failed. 

I’d be grateful if anyone has any experience or solutions with this. Otherwise I am done with Canon camcorders.




Hi Sean,

I'm sorry to hear about your issues.  

Problems or product issues are not things you need to "live with".  Canon cameras and camcorders come with a 1 yr warranty and it seems your issues are this old or ongoing.  Is there a reason you never contacted support or asked for help?

In these situations, we normally recommend a full reset of the camera's settings be performed so its correct operation and performance can be evaluated.  Sometimes a setting or combination of settings can negatively influence normal operation (unintentionally).  If after doing so, and normal operation is not observed, Canon should be given the opportunity to inspect the device.     

Please start with a settings reset.  If this doesn't yield satisfactory results, please tell us what's happening, specifics about the shooting environment (and settings) and any steps that might help reproduce or understand the issue better.     

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I have contacted Canon but get a response with a link to support that leads to "Sorry this page does not exist" or something like that. I had contacted Canon with the zoom issue while it was in warranty but didn't send the camera to Canon as I can't spare it for a month and the issue was intermittent.

I gave completed a reset but this hasn't solved the problem. AF speeds and responses are also set to "Fast". On further observation it seems that it is mainly objects that would be within "infinity" range that suffer from focus issues. Anything within 5m is fine.