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Pixela Splitting Files


A novice here that does not know about Fat32, etc. but usually I stop and start my Vixea HF M41 between scenes so that I end up with many smallish clips. On my recent taping I left the camera on the record mode several times for periods of 17 to 20 minutes. These three scenes were cut into two files when I transferred them through the Pixela Utility. The second portion of each of these scenes was labeled with the same file number followed by underscore 1. the editing software that I have been using would not recognize the files with the underscore (XXXXX_1). My workaround ended up to be to go into to a different editing software and render those three underscored files, and then take them back to my main editor. I plan to never leave the camera on too long in the future. I guess using a free software like OpenShot is giving me this problem. But my question is whether this is normal for the Pixela to split the files? Or maybe I have some settings wrong in the camera?



Fat32 is limited to 4 GB files, so the camera has to create a new file every 4 GB.

I will bet the manual spells this out clearly.

Thanks for letting me about the maximum file size. I do not see anything about this in my manual or about Fat32. But you helped me to confirm that I should shut the camera offr more often so that I do not run into the problem of the duplicate file name with an underscore 1.