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Output of Canon Vixia HF R800 really 1080p?


I am using three older Canon Vixia HF R800 cameras feeding via wireless Tx/Rx (Hollyland Mars 300 PRO) to a BlackMagic Design ATEM Mini switcher. The Tx/Rx and the switcher can all handle 1080p video, but it doesn't appear that the video is coming in as 1080p.


I'm not actually recording on the Vixias, only outputting via the HDMI port. Do setting the recording settings at all affect the output of the video? I've had it connected to my system, and gone into the menu Other Settings > Display Settings (middle tab) > HDMI Status and it confirms it's HDMI 1920x1080p.


Anyone have any idea why my video's not looking crisp?


Rising Star

What are you viewing the video image on - an HDMI monitor or streamed over USB (Type-C) to a computer ?


How does the image compare if you plug the HDMI output from the R800's directly into the mini-switcher, and directly into the HDMI monitor if you are using one ?


I haven't used the BMD Atem Mini-Swicher, or Hollyland wireless transmitter, but surely the switcher software tells you what the input and output resolutions are ?


Can't see its an issue with the R800 if the HDMI Status confirms it's outputting 1080p. What are you comparing the image with to say it's 'not looking crisp' ?


I'm having the same problem. After a lot of testing and using different pieces og software. I think the hdmi output on the Hf r800 is only outputting a 720p feed.