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Need microphone advice


Hello folks,

I use a Canon XA30 to record lectures. I currently have a wireless Shure lav mic that I use, plus a boom mic on top of the camera. When filming a lecture, I cut the mic level down on the boom mic until the Q&A session. Sometimes I need a more conference style microphone rather than the lav. I am using a Shure system that uses the PG1 transmitter that has a mini XLR connector on it. Every mic I have been able to find requires phantom power (I want to find a mic I can plug into the Shure transmitter). I have a hand held mic that uses a AA battery that works well but cannot find a conference mic with one.  My hopes were to be able to connect the conference mic to the Shure transmitter and sit it on the table. I guess I could use a phantom power supply but that would be awful clunky with all that sitting on the table.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I 'd really like to improve the audio quality of my recordings. The wireless setup works well because I film in a large auditorium so I really can't run a long cord.







If you haven't already, definitely post this to AVS or videohelp forums. Both have excellent audio sections.