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MV500 PC won't see camcorder


I am trying to transfer my old min dv tapes to pc.  I have purchased a firewire and a firewire-usb adaptor so that I can link my  Canon  MV500 camcorder to pc, but the pc shows no indication that it is seeing the camera.  Do I require software??



I hate to tell you this but the Firewire-to-USB adapter is useless.  I have not yet heard of one that works.  Another option is to get a video capture device and use the A/V cable to connect the camcorder to the capture device and a USB cable to connect the capture device to a computer.  If you want a capture device that has a firewire port then you will more than likely have to find a used one.


It seems like you've taken the right steps by acquiring a firewire and a firewire-USB adaptor to connect your Canon MV500 camcorder to your PC for tape transfer. However, the lack of recognition might indeed be due to missing software. Ensure you have the necessary drivers and software installed for your Canon MV500. Check Canon's official website for specific drivers, and make sure your PC recognizes the camcorder as a connected device. This situation is somewhat analogous to the importance of having the right software or mods, like the loklok mod to enhance the functionality of a PC. Just as the loklok mod adds value to your PC experience, the proper software is crucial for establishing a connection between your camcorder and PC.