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My computer wont detect my Canon vixia hf r400


Please Help me. My computer wont detect my Canon vixia hf r400 im running windows 8 and I tried everything from installing the drivers to the USB ports, I have my ports in legacy mode and still wont detect. I have USB 3.0 ports but I can't imagine it not being backwards compatible. What can I do to get my computer to recognize it. It only detects when I have a memory card in the camcorder but that is like just having the card in a SD slot on my computer. No software that come with it will detect it either.



Put the camera into AVCHD mode before connecting it to the computer.

This does not help.  I already have the camera in this mode.

What version of Windows are you using?  Are you connecting with a USB cable?  Is the video stored on the camcorders internal memory?   I'm guessing the camcorder does not show up as a storage device in Windows Explorer or Finder if using a Mac.

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