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MD160 - Can't capture video on pc & unknown red blinking light


Hi all,


I opened my camera Canon MD160 after a long time, connected via firewire with my pc and tried to capture video on premier. I opened the capture window tab of premier, the "stop, play, rewind" buttons are working (hence there's no  connection problem), but there is no screen image and therefore no "record" button appears, so i can't capture my footage.

I saw the screen of the camcorder and there's a blinking red light (as shown below in the pic). I searched the internet for the manual, troubleshooting, flashing icons, but couldn't find it. It seems like a usb slot with a tiny arrow on top and a "\" on top.


Rotation of 20180809_130635.jpg  Rotation of 20180809_130635b.jpg


I also downloaded the program "Camera window" from this link:

but after installing it and connecti




Could you please help me with this issue? Its very important, cause i can't input my tapes.


Thank you,

Kris Karnezis




Hi, Kris!

Welcome to The Canon Forums, and thanks for posting!

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Rising Star
Rising Star

According to the manual, which you can download from the Canon site, that red symbol is showing that the Backup Battery needs replacing. This is shown on page 19 of the manual. It is possible, because this is used to retain date and time settings etc, that this is causing your problems with the "Camera Window" software.

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Thank you so much for the info, i bought a new inside battery for the camera, the blinking red light went off, but the record button on premier still doesnt appear!


If you have a “PLAY” button and no “REC” button, then I would assume that the camera is in playback mode, not record mode.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Thx for replying, yes it is in Playback mode, cause i have to Capture my footage on to the pc. i also use premier cs6.

Have you tried any of the steps in the following from Adobe:


There is no record button on the Premiere capture screen? Is that correct?  If that is correct you should check your capture settings.  The wrong settings will result in what you are not seeing.

That is correct. I checked on top and it says "Capture device Offline". 

I also checked this link:
I did exactly what it says, updated firewire driver but nothing changed.

(Check pic from my device manager below)


device manager2.jpg


And this is a video link of my problem right here:

click here to view the gallery