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How to view what I am recording on my pc - Canon Vixia HF R400


Hello. I purchased the Canon Vixia HF R400 to record arts & crafts tutorials that will be uploading on YouTube.  I would like to be able use my pc as my screen, as opposed to the the 3.0" LCD Screen on the camcorder.  Is it possible to connect the camera to my PC with some interface software or equipment?


This is all very new to me and I greatly appreciate any help provided.



Hello ediejane1,

We regret to inform you that you would not be able to record and use your computer monitor while recording. 

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So, this would not be possible if using a video capture device, the composite cable or the HDMI cable depending on the capture device and video editing (capture) software?  It seems as though one would be able to use that combination to view while recording in the editing/capture software.  I realize this is a more complex option than simply being able to use the computer screen as a video monitor. 


this is some MAJOR BS..HUH?..It's 2015 and she cant plug her camera in to her computer?  I see Canon Adertises LIVE STREAMING through the wifi....How does she stream video live to the computer? or on the HFr50 with wifi if hers doesnt have wifi DOES CAMERA ACCESS HAVE A PC APP OR is there better options for this SOFTWARE????...Does the HFr50 do what she wants??HE SAID WHILE RECORDING. Cant she view what the camera is veiwing  like a webcam through the USB? veiw and record into some capture software? and not record on the camera at all?? How do you get the camera to be recognized as a working video capture device to use it as a webcam??? I was doing this in the over 10 years ago with a consumer sony camcorder.