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Help!!! No files?


I've had this problem for a few days and I was wondering if anyone could help...


When I playback photos or videos stored on an external memory card, files playback perfectly fine. When I try to find my photos and videos on the internal memory, the camera just says "no photos" or "no scenes". This was never an issue in the past, as I was able to review the files just fine. The issue came about a few days ago when transferring images to my laptop, after reinserting the SD card and going for playback on the internal memory, there was an error, "Cannot access the built in memory, recovering files". After some time the camera proceeded to state "no files". When I check how much memory is used up however, it displays as almost full. I believe that the camera still somehow has access to all of my footage and photos. Is this true and is there a way I can get all my items back?


Hopefully that made sense, thanks in advance.(Vixia HF R80)

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