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Help Needed locating a HDV/DV data transfer cable for a Canon HDV 1080i Camcorder


Hi, So I have this old camcorder and I would like to upload some taped video to my computer so I can edit the video. I have somehow lost the IFC-300PCU USB cable that came with the camera and I can't find one anywhere. I ordered one from Amazon, but the connector was not quite right. Does anyone know where I can get such a cable? 

Anyone know a source for such cables. The canon site doesn't have them and I've also checked Amazon, eBay, and B&H Photo. Would appreciate any help you might be able to offer.



I doubt that any DVD you get will be copy protected. And while you *can* get at the video files and get them in an editable format, the compression really lowers the quality.

Except for the bizarre USB/Analog cables (I know Sony uses them, I don't know about Canon) the cables should be bog-standard. The only hiccup is getting from 4-pin Firewire to FireWire800 8 pin connectors, but there are adapters for those.


If you want to edit, you'll need a FW card.  That was the standard of the day.  The camera is 4-PIN, the connector on the card will be 6-PIN. 

This example includes the correct cable.  4 > 6 pin.  PCIe, supports any slot 1x ~ 16x.  VIA based chipset so no problems under windows or (intel) based MAC.  Includes bracket for full or half size slot.

If you try to use it with a M1, it might not work.  PC is your best bet.  Also, there should be plenty of free older software to perform basic capture, cuts, fades and wipes, add text, etc.  

As Wadizzle said, newer apps may not support 1394a standard, but I know you'll find something.  



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