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HF R80 - Wifi Remote Control? Anyone get this to work?


The hF R80 doesn't come with a remote but says you can use the Canon COnnect software to control the camera from your phone.  has anyone gotten this to work?  I'm baning my head against the wall with how horrible this setup seems.


It appears the camcorder generates its own wifi network and I have to connect my phone to that?  Is that right?  Can't I connect the camera to my wifi and my phone to my wifi and control it that way?


Anyway, I try to connect via the built in wifi and the camera says Connected but the app just sits there doing nothing.  After the tablet/phone connects to the camcorder, and I tap the notification bar that says to tap it, it just goe sback to the screen asking if it should open the wifi settings.  This is insane.


I tried the Monitor While Out mode, although I can't find any information on what that's actually supposed to let you do, and that jsut sits there forever saying Please Wait as it drain my battery.


ANyone have any instructions that actually work to do this?  Is there a 3rd party app I can use since the Canon one seems to be pretty crappy?


Thanks for any help.



As near as I can tell, this application flat out doesn't work.  I contacted Canon support, and they very helpfully cut/pasted the manual that I had already read, that I clearly stated in my email to them doesn't work, along with my camera model and smartphone information.


If you dont' want to build remote controls, Canon, that's fine, but at least spend a littl effort on the supposed alternative.  I  now have a camcorder without ANY remote capbilities.  I would NEVER buy another Canon camcorder.

Yeah.  I completely gave up.  The app and remote control connectivity are complete garbage.

This pisses me off to no end . . . had counted on being able to control camera via wi-fi and iPad to simply zoom in and out.


Now I will need to have a person dedicated to do this!


If anyone ever finds an app and method to get this working, please share.



"If anyone ever finds an app and method to get this working, please share."


The only solution I've found is get your money back, and buy a Sony.

There's an aftermarket ios app that works. Camera Access Plus. Not the greatest layout, but works

It seems that it only works on certain phones, not mine. An android latest umx u693cl.

Sad but there it is, now good luck on getting my money back for the overpriced hf r80, just this week 550 dollars american.

This app does work but it seems to default the video quality to standard def with the r80. Anyone figure out how to record in HD with this app?


Mine was working properly but then stopped. Seems the camera stopped broadcasting its wifi info. It does so for Camera Connect but not for Cameraaccess plus.


I wish someone could help me with this.

I couldn't get camera connect to work!


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