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HF G30 memory card issue

This has probably been hashed over before, if so please set me straight. Brand new Canon HF G30, experiencing video drop outs using Transcend 64 GB High Speed Class 10 UHS Flash Memory Card Up to 90 MB/s TS64GSDXC10U1.

Worked fine for the first couple of hours of footage. OK with MP4 35 MB/sec fine, and normal AVCHD 24 MB/sec was OK too at first.

Recently I am experiencing video dropouts when shooting only 24 mb/sec. Usually happens just after the start of recording, several seconds in. Audio doesn't drop, but video blacks out for a second or two. Doesn't show on camera while recording, but it is quite clear when viewing this clips on the computer. No PC video display issues, as I have been editing 24mb AVCHD for years on this machine without issues.

So I'm thinking I've got a glitchy card. Bought 2 of them to fill both slots. Any good speed-test tools to test them with? Can't afford to ruin any more footage this way. May have to RMA these cards.