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G21 Viewfinder and LCD


I have a Canon G21. I would like for the viewfinder to work when I turn the LCD 180 degrees to face the subject. The feature has worked on other camcorders, but doesn't seem to work on this one. The Manual  on page 19 is contradictory. At one point it says it will not work, then a paragraph down it describes that it will work if I do what I describe. Does anyone know if I am missing a menu setting to make this function work? 

Manual linked below and image attached.

I'm afraid that they just copied and pasted this maual from a G40 or something, and they removed this feature on the G21, which is just a feature limited down G40, so far as I can tell.

Thanks. Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 9.27.40 AM.png


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi billmakesmovies,


Thanks for checking in with us. Let's see if we can isolate the issue.


Go ahead and disconnect any accessories that we don't make. Then, with the LCD panel closed, are you able to see through the viewfinder? If not, try to extend the viewfinder farther.


When you rotate the LCD screen to face the subject, are you able to see anything if you stand in front of the lens?