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Data Import Utility for Mac Catalina


Hello all.


I have the Canon VIXIA HF G30.  I had been using Canon's "Data Import Utility" to transfer my video files from the card to my hard drive.  I like this program because it identifies the files not yet transferred and it puts all the .mts files in their own folder labeled by date recorded.  It makes things organized and I always have the original .mts files to go back to if I need.  The issue is, I recently purchased a new Mac running Catalina and since Data Import Utility is not a 64 bit program, I can no longer use it.  I have searched on the Canon website and I can not find a 64 bit version of this utility.  Does one exist?  If not, what are people using to transfer the .mts files for back-up?  I can open the files in Premiere Pro and save them as quick time movies but I am not able to save the .mts files.  I have to imagine that Canon has an alternate program if they haven't updated Data Import Utility.


Thank you for any help.




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,


I checked a couple camcorders' download pages and wasn't able to find a Data Import Utility for Mac's new 64-bit OS. Sorry to say I'm not aware of a similar program with 64-bit Mac support.

Thanks for the reply.  I have searched everywhere that I can think of but also have found nothing.  Is it possible that Canon never upgraded this to 64 bit?  If not, then why?  Am I missing something here?  Are the .mts files not important if you are able to import them as QT's?  My fear is that if the QT that I create is not longer compatible with my OS, then what do I do without the original .mts files to reimport?  I have had that happen to me recently when I upgraded my MAC to the new OS.  I have many QT's that were created in FInal Cut Pro and the new OS no longer recognizes the ProRes wrapper that was used.  Luckiky I still have the .mts files so I can go back and create new QT's using the .h264 wrapper.  I just can't imagine Canon not allowing us to import the original .mts files.  Hopefully someone out there has a solution.

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