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Canon XF100 - Canon XF Utility - Sony Vegas?


Is it possible to edit Canon XF100 .MFX files using Sony Vegas (Movie Studio HD Platinum 10)?  Will the .MFX files first need to be converted to some other format, or can Sony Vegas edit without conversion?  If a conversion is needed, does Canon's XF Utility software convert the .MFX files to a suitable format?  Is it possible to simply change the .MFX file name extension to .mpg and then import into Vegas?  I am considering getting a Canon XF100, but cannot find a clear answer to this question re XF100 and Sony Vegas MS 10.  Thank you !!!


Product Expert
Product Expert


For information regarding compatibility of Sony Vegas with files from the XF100, please contact Sony directly.   While I think it will work without difficulty, you'll want to contact them or check their forums to be sure.


They should be able to let you know if that program will handle files from the XF100 and which, if any, plugins you'll need.

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Dear EGS.


I'm very glad to help you. The Sony MXF camcorders recorded files uses XDCAM HD 422 codec while Canon adopts the XF codec. They are competitors. After testing, The Sony Vegas doesn't supports Panasonic P2 and Canon XF footages well.


Canon XF Utility is a good plugin, but it is not omnipotent. It only can help you transfer many videos to the Movie Editing Softwares from companies they collaborate with.


If you do a lot of research and find many related information, you may find a useful plugin or way to help you smoothly import Canon XF100 MXF recordins to Vegas.


But I only know the way- converting Canon XF100 MXF to Vegas' native format. I find it from Googling. You can see the bellow link to lear more.


To edit Canon XF100 MXF in Sony Vegas, Aunsoft TransMXF is a good choice. It could easily and quickly convert  MXF/P2 MXF files intoMPEG-2 for importing into Sony Vegas. The converted videos are in high quality and perfect video/audio sync.


I just bought the Canon XF100, and am now finding vague and conflicting info on the MXF file compatibility issue.  Lots of "passing the buck" going on.  The camera is AWESOME, and I will just keep digging for a reasonable solution to the editing software issue.  Video and photography are big hobbies of mine - that's "hobby", not "profession", so I can't justify spending more big bucks just to draw files out of the camera.  I've been using Adobe Premiere Elements 3, 8 and now 10.  The 10 does a great job with 1080 HD when using my GoPro Hero files and stills from my D60 DSLR.  No problems at all - until I ran into the MXF file roadblock.   Expensive cameras generally require expensive software - I get that.  But I got trapped by Canon's "MPEG-2" description in the specs, along with all the hype about maximum compatibility with Adobe and others.  MPEG-2 works just fine with Adobe Premiere Elements 10 by the way, You just can't get it out of the camera.  MXF - that's it.  I'm an engineer, and probably should have spotted the conflict, but I feel that the issue should be clearer in the specs.  Fool me once...  I will NOT return the camera - it is too nice.  I also will not spend hundred$ more to be able to edit.  If I have to use a file conversion utility for now and sacrifice a little picture quality, I will do that.  In the mean time, I sure hope that somebody fixes this.  The camera came with a "free" version of Sony Vegas editing software, which will see the files.  I need to play with that, but look into a good, cheap MXF to (other) file converter.  I will keep everyone posted on my progress...  I know I'm not alone.


Although I can't answer your original question of whether Sony Vegas Studio HD Platinum 10 can edit Canon XF100 .MXF files, I can assure you that Sony Vegas Pro 12 definitely can.


After making the investment in a camera as awesome as the Canon XF100, I wouldn't want to jeopardize the quality of my video by running it through any third party import tools that converts it to .mpg before editing. The quality will already take a slight hit to quality when you do the final render. Why reduce it twice?


When importing files from my Canon XF100 to my computer, I copy the files from the camera just as though they were files on an external drive.  Plug in the camera... turn it on to Media... and wait for your computer to mount the camera as a drive. Then, browse through to the video files, select them all (Ctrl + A), copy them to memory (Ctrl + C), browse to the destination where you will save them on your computer and paste them ii (Ctrl + V).


In Sony Vegas Pro 12, create a new project and then select File... Import... Media... and browse to the location where you saved the video files, and import them into the project as native .MXF files. Edit... then render in your preferred format.


Seems this problem has been posted for a long time, but I still want to put forward my ideal. I have a Canon camera too. and with an external mic. Of course, a lovely FCPX.  My workflow  is usually convert them to prores 422 then import them into FCPX and do some following edits. But the thing is I shot my video with an external mic, and there are two audio channels in my videos. So when I use Canon plugin , those two channles can't keep both. But I google and fond this imixmxf, which helps me a lot, I keep both of my audios and the quality is as good as the original one when I render it on my fcpx.


In fact, the MXF video format contains some heavy video codecs that many editing software including Sony Vegas can’t support it natively. Thus, the best way to make Sony Vegas work with MXF files is to convert MXF format to Vegas compatible format like MPEG-2 previously. Under this circumstance, a MXF to Sony Vegas converter is necessary which makes it possible to smoothly import MXF recordings to Sony Vegas for editing.

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