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Canon Vixia HF R700 vs iPhone 7 Video Quality


I have a Canon Vixia HF R700 and an iPhone 7 (just an iphone 7).  Here is footage of iphone 7 vs my Canon at Standard Quality at Full HD (17Mbps) and Higher Quality than Standard Full HD (24Mbps).  My canon can film up to 35mb/s.  The video you see used stock equipment and I put it together using VideoPad video editor.


Canon Vixia HF R700 vs iPhone 7 Video Quality - YouTube


How does iphone 7 footage compare with these two different video qualities of my Canon?  Is my iPhone better or worse than the Canon?





On another note, my old SanDisk Class 10 SD card with 32GB storage and up to 80mb/s read speed started malfunctioning.  Because it has a 10 year warranty, SanDisk is letting me mail it back for free so I could get it fixed, replaced, or refunded.  Of course, I can't believe that I didn't get a better Memory Card since purchasing it back in 2012. 


In the meantime, since I didn't have any spare SD cards, I bought a SanDisk microsdxc card Imagemate Pro with 128GB storage, up to 170mb/s read speed, and up to 90-99mbp/s write speed with minimum write speed of 30mb/s for $28 after tax from Walmart.  It's definitely well worth the money I spent especially since it's my only SD Card in possession, but I was a little rushed when I bought it.  They told me that I have up to two weeks to return it even after using it.  Since I bought it on May 6, I have until May 20 to return it.  I only live like 3 miles away from Walmart.


I'm tempted to get a memory card on ebay with the same brand and specs except having 10mb/s less of read speed, but it's $6 cheaper (I'm really cheap).  There's also a SanDisk 128GB micro SD SDXC 120MB/s Ultra 128G Class 10 Memory Card new for only $15 that I'm thinking about getting.


Should I just stick with this new memory card from Walmart for my Vixia HF r700?  Should I get either of those two on eBay?  How much read and write speed and storage should I get for this camera?  Do I need more speed and storage or is less fine? How much read speed, write speed, and storage should I get for backup SD card?  If I were to upgrade the camera, how would my new memory card hold up to it?


What else do I need to know?


All tips, advice, help, and answers is much appreciated.



On SD cards... do _not_ use micro SD.  That will give you nothing but trouble.  Also, avoid Walmart and eBay as your risk of counterfeit cards is very high.   Purchase reputable brands and then only from reputable sources (e.g. B&H).   A 128 GB V30 SanDisk card (MFR #SDSDXXY-128G-ANCIN) is only around $33 at B&H right now.


For speed, a 35 Mbps coded is around 4.5 MBps, so the sustained write specification (V30 is 30 MBps) is far above what you need.


Sustained write speeds are the most important specification to understand as when capturing footage, it must be able to handle things in real-time.  Buffers are useless when recording anything other than very short sequences.


Read speeds (sustained and burst) will let you have faster file transfers (but of course only if the entire data transfer chain is also at least that speed as well).


As an example, when using 170 MBps burst read rated cards in a LaCie RAID with built-in SD card reader (unfortunately LaCie doesn't advertise the reader's sustained read speed), attached to my iMac Pro with Thunderbolt 3 (5 GBps) and then writing to a destitation RAID (600 MBps), the card read speed (or the card reader) is clearly the bottleneck.



Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers

I just did some research.  I think 35Mbps is actually 4.375MB/s (I know I like to be exact, but at least I'm learning).  Why are microsd cards such a problem?  How can I look up the read speed of my Dell Desktop Eveavar Optiplex 7440 AIO?  Also, is there a way to tell if my SD card is counterfeit?


Did you watch the video comparing my iPhone 7 to my Vixia?  If so, did you think iPhone 7 or Vixia produced better quality video?  If I were to return my SD Card, do you think my iPhone 7 would be good enough until I get another SD Card?