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Canon Vixia GX10 firmware


Has anyone been able to find a firmware upgrade for the Vixia GX10 with Clog-3? I checked the firmware file VNA4.FIM version for the GX10 and the XF400 and found the firmware files to be idetntical. Has anyone tried to install the VNA5.FIM on a GX10? I would like to use the C-log 3 picture profile on the GX10 to match my XF400. I did see the Vixia G60 did get a new firmware in Dec 2020 along with the XF400 with the new color profiles. 


I feel the XF400 firmware will work on the GX10 as the hardwar is the same. I do not understand why the consumer G60 qwould get the new firware with clog3 and the GX10 would not. The GX10 was marketes as the consumer versiion of the XF400. The G60 is not even as good a camera as the GX10 and both are consumer lines so I would expect a similar firmware to be avaiable as the rest of the line for the GX10. 



Thank you I found it. It was Menu -> Camera Page 4 at the bottom. CP Function = ON. (On the XF400 there is a page 5). 

Has anyone found any new custom profiles that are good to try beside the clog ones? 


BTW does anyone happen to know if you can put the xf400 handle on the gx10? I assume you can since they look like the same unit minus the infrared. I see them sold on ebay. Thoughts? 

You cannot use the xf400 handle on the gx10. The rear connector is different. 


Thank you. That is super helpful. You saved me from a $350 ebay mistake. 🙂 


Where can I find info about CP settings? There are a lot in menu. I have tried to find but failed. 

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