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Canon VIXIA HF G30 - no sound after trasfer to PC


Hello All,


New here and just started playing with my new Canon VIXIA HF G30.  I love the camera and the image quality is fantastic, but I am getting no sound when playing the clips from Windows Media Player (Windows 7 Pro).  I can hear the audio when I play them from the camcorder, but something seems to have happened after trasferring the files with Canon's transfer software.  As a final test, I brought the .mts clips into work and still no sound.  But when I play someone else's .mts clips, the sound is perfect.  Any help would be appreciated.  TIA.




Thanks VideoGeek.  Interesting, I was talking with a coworker that has had no problems tranfering his files from his Canon and he described different features from his software than I had on mine.  Looking at the Pixela website, it seems there is a single Data Import Utility specifically for the HF G30 whereas the Trasfer Utility LE supports many different camcorders.  Why the difference?  Perhaps its time to return this camera.

Not quite sure why there is a difference.  I've never tried the Data Import Utility so I can't comment on it.  If you returned the camera what would you replace it with?  If I had tried to import video from the G20 using Pixela software I might be able to better answer your questions regarding the software.  I've just been in the habit of copying the files from the SD card to the computer and importing them into a video editing program.  I'm not sure I've connected the camcorder directly to the computer since I have yet to use the internal memory.

Thanks again VideoGeek.  I think the problem is my ignorance to video.  I tried a direct file transfer from the camcorder directly to the computer (copy and paste).  Same issue.  I am now thinking it is my recording mode (AVCHD 28Mbps LPCM (59.94P) that is the issue (I'm not even sure what linear PCM audio is?).  There is lots of small print of what this format can/can't do.  When I get a chance, I'll try stepping down the format.  Perhaps it is the Media Player that can't play the audio.  The import software for the G20 seems much more developed than for the G30.  There are even basic editing tools in the former, whereas mine only does a transfer.  I need to pick out some decent editing software and perhaps that will solve my issues.  Main problem is that I have been unable to spend much time on this new toy.  Thanks for your help.

dresslered - did you find a solution to this, I am having the same problem right now.



Yes, I did find a fix although I still don't totally understand it.  I initially was using the highest Resolution (28Mbps LPCM (59.94P) which doesn't playback sound when downloaded to my computer (although it works fine when directly playing from the camcorder).  I think that Windows Media Player doesn't have the correct CODEC for this format.  I ended up dropping the video down to 24Mbps LPCM (or maybe it was dobly digital) which also allows me to record in Duel Recording Mode (MP4) which is not allowable with the higher modes.  Both formats play perfectly on the computer now.


As a side note, I just bought a new Nikon D7200 which also shoots video useing the MOV file format.  This works flawlessly on my computer and has the advantage of using my high-end lenses.

I will look into some software (Handbrake or MPEG Streamclip - both are free) to see what will convert AVCHD into an editable format for you.  It may be a day or so before I can do that but I will report back what I find.  For more on what PCM audio is you may want to take a look at this link:




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