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Canon VIXIA HF G30 - no sound after trasfer to PC


Hello All,


New here and just started playing with my new Canon VIXIA HF G30.  I love the camera and the image quality is fantastic, but I am getting no sound when playing the clips from Windows Media Player (Windows 7 Pro).  I can hear the audio when I play them from the camcorder, but something seems to have happened after trasferring the files with Canon's transfer software.  As a final test, I brought the .mts clips into work and still no sound.  But when I play someone else's .mts clips, the sound is perfect.  Any help would be appreciated.  TIA.





Tried another full day of shooting.  Sound plays beautifully from the camera, but after a transfer to the PC it is silent movie time!  Any chance a bad HDMI cable or would that effect the video as well?

Tried using the HDMI cable from my Nikon and did the transfer again.  No sound!

Hello dresslered, This seems to either be an issue related to the import settings within the video editing software or it's ability to read these files. Your software may need to be updated with a Codec or a different plugin. I'd recommend checking with the software manufacturer at your earliest convenience and see if they have support for this available.
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Thank you Tim.  I haven't even thought about video editing software yet.  I am using Canon's included ImageBrowser EX to import video and then simply try to play it on my computer.  Image quality is fantastic but no sound.  As far as I can tell, there is no way to check for updates with this software.  I would think that it is a straight transfer.



I'm sorry Tim.  I meant to say Data Import Utility instead of ImageBrowser EX.

Still struggling here.  I've tried the import on several computers and even update the Data Import Utility from the PIXELS web site.  Still silent movies.  I tried something new today however.  I recorded an MP4 format.  Sound works great.  What would be the difference?  Again, I hear sound from both formats playing through the camcorder, but no sound once it's exported.

Assuming the G30 records AVCHD files in the same format as the G20 which is files ending with the extension .mts it could be a missing codec problem.  What video player are you using to play back the files?  I am able to playback the .mts files (with audio) with VLC media player.  It;s a free download and can be downloaded from here:



If you plan on editing the files you will need a video editing software package.

Thanks VideoGeek.  I believe that it is a missing CODEC problem because once downloaded, nothing can play them.  I've just been using the standard Windows Mediaplayer which plays my friend's .mts files just fine.  I would think that the PIXELA Data Import Utility that comes with the camera would suffice, but doesn't seem to.


I am defintely wanting to get into Video Editing.  I would like the software to support conversion as well as burn blue-ray disks.  Any suggestions--the editing software all seem to have their own quirks as well.

Below are a few video editing programs you might want to consider (in no particular order):

Corel VideoStudio Pro X8 (there is also an Ultimate version)

CyberLink Power Director

Sony Movie Studio

Adobe Premiere Elements

Those are just a few of the ones out there.  These would be considered more entry level or consumer oriented video editing programs.  These should be fairly easy to learn and use.


I had my first experience with the Pixela software when I purchased the G20 and toi be honest I never gave it a chance as I am using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 and have used Corel VideoStudio Pro X8.  Both of those handled the AVCHD files without any issues. 

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