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Canon G40 lens hood


I was wondering about where lens hoods for the G40 model can be found. Is it straight through Canon, I do have one but may like a second one to be safe.


Rising Star

Yes you should be able to order as a spare part directly from Canon. Years back, after the HF-G20 was released, I wanted the 'new' lens hood with the flip lens barrier to use on my HF-G10.  I just contacted Canon Canada (Customer Service I think) and ordered it over the phone. Fitted perfectly and when I sold the HF-G10 (after upgrading to an HF-G30) the buyer was delighted. Can't recall the part code or price (didn't keep the receipt) but it wasn't that much. I know the HF-G40 uses the same hood and I’m pretty sure all subsequent HF-G models do (XA series also), so I would think Canon would have it in stock as a standard part.