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With the solar eclipse coming soon, can I time lapse shoot with my t6i or do I need to add intervalometer ?? Just now reading trying to figure it all out. Thanks in advance.
Rebel T6i, how do you clean manually, like with a blower. "Clean manually" is not in the menu of options. Thanks
Going to be taking pics at a rc plane field.What is a good starting point for settings, I'm assuming manual mode ? And I'm confused on metering? Thanks, I'm very new to all this awesome hobby. Rebel T6i.
When I look through the eye piece view finder, I can see what looks like dust. Very small in two places but it bugs me. Changed lenses not that. Clean the eye piece with a approved cloth, still there. Any suggestions?? Thanks
Camera Canon t6i. Confused on manual settings, I get iso, and shutter speed. But how do I change the f stop. Can't figure that out, help !! 