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I just got my 70D wi-fi working to transfer photos to my mac. It's painful to try and download RAW files. Anyone have a better or faster way?
Just received my Refurb 70D from Canon today. Has some nice features and some not so nice. I have the wi-fi setup and my iPhone controls the camera OK. I am suprised there is not an App for the Ipad. Anyone know if it is in planning, or am I just not...
I have a 5D Mll and am thinking about a 6D has anyone gone that route and if so are you happy  with the change.
I was shooting a panorama this morning and the sun was in front of me. I used live view and panned the area of interest and saw no problem with the sun. Set the camera to live view, Manual mode, and a 10 second delay. Shot the first and second pictur...
Just bought the 200mm f2.8 L lens and am unable to see any 200mm prime lenses in DPP, am I missing something?Jack
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