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HF M41 - Even used prices are stubbornly high, what gives? My M40 I bought refurbed, here, for $350, now I can't find a decent price for the M41, new is $800-$1000, almost the price of a NEW HFG20! Is the viewfinder worth $400+?
For all Moderators,is there a "notify" function for the forum? I've searched but could not find it. When I am involved in a discussion, it would be helpful to get an email (not a text), if an answer has been posted. I check my email far more often th...
I have an HFM40 I am trying to match up with my HV30. The HV30 has a 1/2.7" sensor as opposed to the M40's 1/3" sensor. Low-lite shots make it difficult. Why is the HV30, with a bigger sensor than the M40, so bad in low-lite? The M40 rocks the dark!
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