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My g4210 printer stopped printing black ink. Color is working fine, The blank ink tank is full though. It stopped printing - all of a sudden - just blank paper started coming out, I did some maintenance and cleaned the roller etc, no change
Sorry folks I did not phrase my question right regarding the issue with my scanner - My question is how can I make my scanner scan the document to a PDF file. When I scan using the scanner it scans to a TIF/JPG format by default - I dont see any opti...
I have a cannon G4210 (with fax ans scanner) and I just bought a new Dell XPS PC - I have successfully connected the printer to the PC but unable to connect fax ans scan. Could some one share instructions. Thanks
I have a cannon G4210 printer - Can some one send my instructions as to how to set your printer to print black only/no colors  - Thanks [Edited model number]
I am trying to set up network manually and trying to enter network password. I can type upper and lower case but having problems entering numbers. According to documentaiton press the star key once to enter upper case, twice to enter lower case, thre...
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