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TA-100 Tripod Adapter - Why not compatible with camcorders??


Is the TA-100 Tripod Adapter - specifically the wedge part that mounts to the bottom of the camcorder, because I know the plate itself can mount to practically any pro video tripod head - compatible with Canon camcorders, or only Canon C-series cinema cameras (e.g., C100, C200, C300, etc.)?  Or is it completely obsolete (i.e., only designed for the XL2 back in the day)?  If it's not compatible with camcorders like the XF605, why not?  That kind of slide-click V-lock mechanism is PRECISELY what's needed for run-and-gun situations (more so than with cinema applications), and all the big shoulder-mount ENG cameras back in the day used this kind of plate (albeit with longer plates).  If the camcorders only have 1/4" and 3/8" mounting holes and the V-wedge can't mount to either of those, then Canon, could you make a thin adapter plate with the 1/4" and 3/8" holes so one could mount the V-wedge to that plate and that plate could mount to the bottom of the camcorder?  Thanks!

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