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EOS C200 Remote Activation


Thanks. I am trying to activate the remote on C200. However, When I paste the router address onto the  Safari browser,  it asks me to log in and use a password. I have set up the camera remote without a password and unencrypted. I followed the Canon tutorial. I also updated the latest firmware, in case that was an issue. The smartphone still doesn't connect remotely to the camera. We also tried a different smartphone and WIFI connection. Nothing.

Do you have any idea how to get this working? connect remotely to the camera.


Product Expert
Product Expert


The user and password settings for Browser Remote can be set in page 5/5 of your Network settings as indicated on step 4 of the Browser Remote connection information. You can find the directions to access this menu on page 171 of the EOS C200 user manual linked below.


Thanks. I have a hard time following all the directions. I did not choose the password. The Canon video tutorial also recommends not using the PSW. Do I have to choose a password in order to use Safari? Does the camera have to be connected via the Ethernet cable to the router? Or the smart phone connects wirelessly to the camera using the auto IP number? I'd appreciate your insight into this. The directions are complicated.JN

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