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will speedlite 600 ex-rt work off 5d Mark 111 without transmitter


Received conflicting info.  can I buy one speedlight 600ex-rt and have it work (flash) with it not being in the shoe of my 5D MIII and without a radio transmitter?  example would be a person holding it away from camera for fill flash or to produce light from a different angle.


Yes it can. It is basically the same as any pre 600 flash. No one knows when the YN 600 will be released. I have 600's and the  STE3 and am very happy with the set up.


This might help.


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You can contact Lon at this place and he can help you as well. Good site.


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I have the Canon 600 ex RT flash and it does not work with the Yongnuo e3 RT transmitter. I also have the Yongnuo 600 ex RT flash and that does work with the Yongnuo transmitter??? I tried all combinations of transmitter, Canon flash, Yongnuo flash and it does not work for me?

My Canon 600 speedlite works perfectly with the yongnuo transmitter.  It eats batteries however.  I got mine from a firm in HK and they communicated with me very well (sent email in English and in simple Chinese (Google translate).  The only thing I had to do was update firmware.  I assume you have them both on same channel and that the Yonguno is the master and canon the slave.

Update which firmware? Canon 5d Mkiii?

Sorry if got a terrible response previously; iphone;
My firmware is version 1.1 found on menu 4 under ver
I shoot on channel 7 ETTL

Sorry...I don't quite understand what you are recommending. Are you saying that both the 600 flash and the Yongnuo transmitter must be on ch7 only? What is ver1? Thanks for your help.

"Sorry...I don't quite understand what you are recommending. Are you saying that both the 600 flash and the Yongnuo transmitter must be on ch7 only? What is ver1? Thanks for your help."


Both units must be on same channel, so look and see what the ettl channel is on the canon and make sure the Yongnuo is on same channel....I just chose channel 7, hoping that there would be less interference/conflicts.  It is broadcasting on the same channels as a cordless phone among other electronic devices, I believe.


Version is the version of frimware on Yonguno...I have version 1.1  Mine came with Ver 1 and I updated it. 


I am uncertain why it came as ver 1....I must have mistyped it as was on an iphone and they are a pain on which to type.

How do you update the Yongnuo transmittee? Thanks for your patience.

I downloaded a file Yungmuo trigger updater from [email address removed per forum guidelines]

I dealt with HKYungnuo....on ebay but the main supplier not the east expensive.

One of my emails to the is below.

You really need to know your version number;  you should probably communicate with whom you purchased the product.

Thanks for your email.
There are different types for shutter release connector, they are C1, C2 and C3. We suggest you to choose C3 for your Canon 5D MIII.
Best regards,

offical ebay shop:
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I dont know what else to tell you.


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