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St-E3-RT + 600Ex-Rt Will Not Link


I just picked up a St-E3-RT and a 600EX-RT and I must be doing something wrong.  I'm unable to get the two to link.  I've set the Channels and ID's to match, have tried various modes, and a cant seem to get them to link.


And yes, I have the St-E3-Rt set as a master, and the 600 set as a slave.



Are you using the radio transmission mode or the pulsed light mode? Since the 600EX-RT can do both it's important to make sure it's set to the right remote mode. You should see the antenna symbol not the flash lightning bolt symbol on the 600EX-RT display. 


I've actually found that setting the radio channel to AUTO works fine for me and I've not had problems with getting the link lights to come up. 



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When I first tried that pair they both linked right away after I entered the ID. I left the channels in auto. The only thing I can think of is what p4pictures said.


The flash has custom functions but goes a level deeper - Personal Functions. In menu 6 you can turn the optical (lighting bolt) off so when you toggle between master and slave you only toggle to radio and back to normal shooting. You can also turn the radio off and have it toggle between optical and normal.  I turned the optical off as it just makes it quicker to toggle through the menus.