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ST-E2 and 580EX II will not pair


I am trying to link a Speedlite 580 EX II wirelessly with ST-E2 transmitter, and having some difficulties. Any advice out there?


Rising Star
Rising Star

What's exactly is the difficulty you're having?  Any particular step/setting that is confusing? or problem that you're encountering?


There are only five possible causes of problems;

  • the master ST-E2 and the 580EX II are not using the same channel
  • the 580EX II is unable to receive (see) the pulses of light from the ST-E2
  • you haven't put the 580EX II in slave mode
  • you have put the 580EX II in Master mode
  • the 580EX II is set as a slave in group C and yo set A:B ratio mode on the ST-E2

Most likely cause is the 580EX II can't see the pulses of light from the ST-E2. If you have the 580EX II in a softbox like the Apollo ones then it's almost sure not to see the signals from the ST-E2. If the 580EX II has it's head pointing towards the subject rotate the body of the flash so the red flashing bit on the front is aimed back at the ST-E2. 


If these aren't the cause then you'll need to give a bit more to work on. Tell us some more about the settings you have on the 580EX II, and if you are using ratio mode on the ST-E2. Try pressing the camera's depth of field preview button to cause the flash to give a short burst of light - intended as a modelling light. If this works then you should be good to go.


Group C on the 580EX II can be the oddball since if the ST-E2 is set to fire everything ie not ratio, then it will trigger group C flashes, but if you then change to ratio control on the ST-E2 it will not trigger Group C flashes.







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