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Speedlite 430EX II Wavelengths blocked by diffuser


Covering the front of the flash unit is a ?diffuser or plastic cover. Does that block any wavelengths of light or is all visible , UV and IR light generated by the flash bulb allowed to get through?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Thanks for checking in with us.

Unless otherwise stated, diffusers are not designed to block specific wavelengths. Rather, they soften the quality of the light, allowing for shadows that don't appear as harsh.

Thanks for answering. I understand the use of diffusers but I was asking as for some work I’ve been wanting to do with in particular uv light work, it was said that for some older flashguns I had to remove the diffuser as it was potentially uv blocking. So I wondered whether that applied to more recent speedlites as well. So it looks as though I can leave the front panel on the flash and just place a woods glass filter over the front to allow only uv light through. I’ll give it a try and see what happens but thanks for answering.

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