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ST-E3-RT / 430EXIII RTDropping link


Hi all,

My setup is x1 ST-E3-RT transmitter and x3 430EXII-RT speedlights.

For the last month or so, my ST-E3-RT (ver 1) transmitter keeps dropping links with all 3 of my 430EXIII RT speedlights after the 8-10 mins mark. 

I've tried scanning and assigning them the strongest channel every time I turn them on and the problem is still there. Even when I only turn on one of the 3 units at a time, the same problem persists.

On my tests, I have the units and the transmitter only 1-2 feet apart. But they're still dropping links even when I have purposely turned off the sleep mode.

It's pretty annoying to have to go reset the speedlights every other 10 mins or so.

I didn't have this issue when I first bought them.

Has anyone experienced similar problems? If so, how did you fix it?

Any suggestions or guidance to fix this annoying issue will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!




My ST-E3-RT serial is xx04xxxxx. So it should be OK. Right?

No, I have the same serial group and I drop connection, too.  What never seems to drop is using the 430EX III-RT as master.  The last time it dropped, the ST-E3-RT had a green connection light and the flash 430EX III-RT red, which is weird as one would think they'd both be red.

I've had a bad experience with Yongnuo's YN-E3-RT so I won't be doing that again.  I may buy THEIR transceivers, which I got rid of to go pure Canon.  There is also the Westcott option: they just released an updated trigger that is Canon RT compatible -- the FJ-X3 M.