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Need the right flash unit for Canon Rebel EOS T3i to use as separate fill light.


Im looking to have a separate flash unit for my Rebel T3i purchased in 2012.    My old Canon speedlight 300EZ was for my old 35mm. film Canon EOS 650 and is somewhat limited.   I have a Phottix Strato II Multi Transmitter and Receiver set but I can't get it to work with the old 300 EZ speedlight.




Zeida Cecilia-Mendez


A Canon 430ex would be a good flash for not a lot of money. So would a Phottix Mitros.

The best thing would be to have 2 or 3 flashes so you can shoot with a more 3-d professional look, though you'd need an extra receiver or else you can simply buy a pair of Phottix Mitros Plus flashes, which have a transmitter and receiver built in. I have 3 of the Mitros + units and I love them.

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+1  Start with the 430.  It'll give you eTTL capabilities if you want.  If you enjoy flash and would like to get into more advanced flash photography then I'd get a couple more with radio triggers.  But I'd recommend Yongnuo 560III if you're ok with manual flash.  If you want off-camera eTTL then that's a much more complicated discussion.


Tiny and mostly automated: 90EX... Guide Number 30ft/9m.


Small and mostly automated: 270EX or 270EX II... GN 89ft/27m.


Medium/Video: 320EX.... GN 105ft/32m, provides a flash tube for still photos, plus has a small continuous lamp for video.


Medium: 430EX II... GN 141ft/43m.  


Large: 600EX-RT... GN 197ft/60m, can serve as master or off-camera slave via radio control & triggering of other 600EX-RT units (other flashes use optical communication for off-camera/remote control).


I have no idea how these would work with the Phottix items.


Alan Myers

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The guide number uses a base-exposure of ISO 100 and f/1.0. The ISO 100 part is no problem (every camera can do that), but nobody makes an f/1.0 lens. That focal length is used because it makes the math easy when you want to find out how far away a subject can be and still get adequate light.

Divide the guide number by the f-stop you are using. Most all lenses can handle f/5.6 as a worst-case. So you could use that as a working assumption. But that makes a 90EX good for about 5-1/4 feet at ISO 100 and f/5.6. You can get that up to 10-1/2 feet at ISO 400. This means the 90 is a bit limited. It could be used for fill light at close range.

The 430EX II is probably the best "first" dedicated speedlite. My first dedicated E-TTL speedlite was a 430EX II, then I got a 580EX II... now I use 600EX-RT units (and love the radio system that the 600's have.)

A 430EX II would provide adequate light for a subject about 25' away at f/5.6 while still using a base ISO of 100. At ISO 400 it can handle about 50'.

Also, the 430EX II can work as an optically triggered remote flash in conjunction with the on-camera flash of the T3i.
Tim Campbell
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