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Canon 277T Speedlite as a Remote?

New Contributor

Hi, can the Canon 277T Speedlite be used as an off-camera remote flash unit using an optical slave trigger?


I am trying this set-up: my Canon 277T is mounted in the hotshoe of a Nisha Programmable Digital Slave Unit (FSU-DIG), which is an optical slave trigger -- but the 277T is NOT firing at all. Man Sad


I've tried both Program and Manual modes on the 277T; and I've already "programmed" the Nisha unit to the on-camera flash head that I'd like to fire it in synch with (i.e., to ignore pre-flashes)....


Does anyone have a suggestion? Is there a website for the manufacturer, Nisha? Thank you.


Super Contributor

Have you tried the 277T on your camera to make sure it is working?