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My Picture is on Budweiser Clydesdales Website under Images


I want to know how did my Picture get on there Website without my Knowledge? This picture was submit 11/27/16, I just saw this today.












WOW, no one can help me with this issue, you all are so good about helping but not with this. That is ok I already know that Canon has Copyrights which  is not good at all, because this is my picture. When I click on the picture it shows who submit the picture. Canon Community and Lindam, Danny, Tiffany, Mykolas, Tim, Jason, Stephens and Samantha if this is what I signed up for is really Bad New, never thought my pictures would be taken without my knowledge. This will not happen again and I know some of you are saying good luck but I am a true beleiver of myself.





Hi, pris796!


Thanks for posting.  Do you have a web address for the usage you're referring to?  If this image was used on a Canon USA-operated web site or social media platform, we'll be glad to look into the matter.  If the image was used on a site outside of Canon USA's control, we recommend contacting the operators of that site directly to let them know about this.


We look forward to your reply!



Danny if you need anything else please let me know.




This is the link to our "Share your photos" album which you posted this image on ‎11-27-2016 11:28 AM. In your first post on this thread you stated "I want to know how did my Picture get on there Website without my Knowledge? " We are curious to what website you are referring to.



As I stated this picture is the Budweiser Clydesdales Website.




Could you please provide a link that we may investigate. Thank you.


My picture is out there, you will see two little children stand by one of the hores and my picture is close by.




The link you have just provided is an image search from the Bing search engine service. This is not an image hosting service and is not affiliated with Canon nor is this a "Budweiser Clydesdales Website" as you pointed out earlier. This is a search engine that will provide results from all images that you have listed in your search criteria. The image you are addressing was posted by you on our forum and has not been submitted by any of the moderators you mentioned in your previous mesages.


If you'd like to remove your image from our Community Forum you are welcome to or if you want we will be more than happy to remove the post for you. 




This still do not answer my question, how did this picture get out there on there website when I only sent this picture to Canon and know one else and why do the picture have canon email address. We do not have to address this issue any futher because you do not have an answer for me. I will look else where for an answer. Please do not email me again unless you have a real answer for me.


Thank You,




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