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I want to know how did my Picture get on there Website without my Knowledge? This picture was submit 11/27/16, I just saw this today.        
Johannesburg South AfricaSome of the Wildlife I saw, the Lions were a no show.T3, Lens 75-300 
Their were a lot of Fog, not on all my Pictures, just some. Please help me understand what is going on. Thank you all. 1/400F/1875 MMISO 1600T3    1/400F/1118 MMISO 1600T3   1/1250F/1135 MMISO 1600T3  Pris796 
1/250F/7.1ISO 20075 MMT3  pris796
I am all the way back in the corner with my T3, my picture is to small to see me.  pris796