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Music to My Ears Backyard Bird Photography

This image was created using a set up with a Clarinet clamped up next to a single port bird feeder filled with black sunflower seeds. the camera positioned was about seven feet away from the perch behind a photohide/ photoblind placed in a back bedroom window. The camera was supported on a ground pod on the window sill.
"Music to my Ears"
For quite a few years now I have wanted to photograph a bird perched on a musical instrument. This morning I did that! Steller's Jay photographed with a Canon EOS R6 MKII with a Canon EF 100-400mm lens at 190mm. The camera settings were AV mode, ISO 3200, F 9.0 at 1/80th of a sec. Mendocino county, Northern California, USA. I really like how this came out. I'll be adding it to my "Blues Series" of images._36A6725-musicbackdropweb.jpg_36A6738-stellersjayweb.jpg