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Chicken dinner

Rising Star

Break out the wine, Honey.

Chicken's on the menu tonight!

chicken dinner(1).jpg

Steve Thomas



Rather intriguing photo. Cute caption, too. Make sure it's a white wine but any wine will do as a dead chicken doesn't know what you are drinking.

I'm guessing this was PSed a bit as tigers are only found in certain places in the world. There are tigers in Detroit, Michigan and Auburn University.😊



No, this is SOOC. No post processing except to downsize it for web publishing purposes, Those are yard ornaments. Pretty realistic, aren't they? I shot that remotely with the camera and tripod set up in the sun about two feet off the ground, while I stood in the shade with a tablet about 20 feet away. (I didn't want to get too close to that tiger). 🙂

Steve Thomas

Very realistic. The tiger would be a good deterrent to thieves. Hook up a sound recording of a tiger's roar. BTW, I have a T7 and need to learn how to use my Android as a remote release.



For my cell phone, I use Canon's Camera Connect.

For my tablet, I use an app called Camera Connect and Control. It was free to use for three days, and then $9.99 to purchase. I've found it very easy to use.

Steve Thomas