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Captured an awesome travel pic lately?


Share your amazing travel photography! Let us know the Canon gear you used and the story behind the photo. 


This beautiful scene in Italy was captured with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM lens at f/11, 1/5 sec, ISO 100.


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wow! so creamy! Absolutely stunning!


The boardwalks allow one to cross and appreciate the beauty the white sands and vegetation of the beaches of the Emerald Coast beaches.
The raw file was processed in AfterShot Pro 2.


  • Lens: EFs18-55mm f3.5-5.6 ISII 
  • AV: ƒ/20
  • Focal Length: 18.0 mm
  • TV: 1/40
  • ISO: 400IMG_1837_v2_Henderson Beach State Park.jpg



Sand dunes and coastal scrub make up much of Henderson Beach State Park.
The raw file was processed in Digital Photo Professional.


  • Lens: EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II
  • AV: ƒ/20.0
  • Focal Length: 55.0 mm
  • TV: 1/125
  • ISO: 400IMG_1848_Henderson Beach State Park.jpg



Beach goers enjoy the beaches of Henderson Beach State Park.
The raw file was processed in Digital Photo Professional.


Camera: Canon EOS Digital XSi

Lens: EF 75-300mm f4-5.6 III

AV: f:13

TV: 1/1250

ISO: 1600

IMG_7119_Henderson Beach State Park.jpg 


I take it from my instagram so photo quality isn't so good now. Sorry

From Instagram

what is aftershot pro, is that your processing program?  I am looking at which one I want atm  

Found one but doesnts have a library.  

AfterShot and AfterShot Pro are Corel's answer to Lightroom.  I use these three programs to process my raw files : Digital Photo Professional, AfterShot Pro 2, and AfterShot 3. I choose which one I am going to use depending on what I plan to do with the image. DPP is great for basic raw file processing. The AfterShot  allow you to do more to the raw file. You can layer the image, allowing you to make local adjustments. AfterShot Pro is the same as AfterShot but it will allow you to enter descriptions and to display and to adjust the curves.  If you are interested in the AfterShot programs go to the Corel website. They will give you more information and you can download a trial version.

I looked at corel, and seemed ok to me, which I still consider an ametur, and have been putting off this part of the proess for about a yr now.  Someone told me there were issues w. Corel, so I held off. I guess I just dont really know what I want or need, and everyone has an opinion, and they all differ.  Most have + remarks about LR and PS but way too spendy for me, and I guess I really want to have the hard copy in my hand, not an online supbsription, which they no longer offer.  Besides,  I think its far too expensive for just starting out and trying to learn all these things.  There are a few others I've been looking at ond one has just added a library (which I guess is important for workflow) and a one time fee, no ongoing charges.  Thanks for the info about the free trial, I just may need to try a few and get a better idea.  SO far only tried the free ones, and they ALL lack something.  Thanks for the tip and keep up all the photos.