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Canoscan LIDE400- Only autoscans in PDF, not images. OCR also terrible.


I bought the Canoscan LIDE400 with OCR etc for the business to simply scan receipts and copy the images into our account software. The autoscan allows no option to save as an image, only ever saves in PDF. The options dialogs do not allow to change this from "Auto." WHY NOT?! It's such a simple function, and I've found users on here with multiple products complaining about the same thing for YEARS. Why not just fix it? Scanning receipts is such a normal every day thing how can this be so hard? Can you please just update the IJ utility software to allow that already? Also, canon, do yourself a favour and look at Fuji's OCR that automatically recognizes receipts dates and name data and saves the file with the information as the name. I've tried your OCR several times and you may as well not advertise it. It doesn't save file names like Fuji's software, and just spams out a bunch of characters with no useful information. So annoyed trying to run a business whilst dealing with wasting money on products that don't work.