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Pixma MX922 nightmare

I have been an ardent fan of Canon for more than 30 years.  I own several Canon cameras (A1 Program, an old film camera I liked very much), an old Powershot, more recently a much newer PowerShot SX530HS.  I also have A Canoscan 8400F Which I have used to make ~11" by 14" prints from color negatives which I feel have turned out impressively well (printed by Snapfish).  But unfortunately it does not seem compatible with my new computer.  I have read a comment (I think by a Canon respondent) that new software cannot be made compatible with the old hardware; to me that seems patently absurd.  I also used to use a Canon i860 which I LOVED. It booted up quickly, printed excellent pictures on photo paper (I made several 8.5" by 11"), though most of my pictures I have Snapfish print (less costly that way).  It easily printed addresses on envelopes including 9.5" by 4" (measured it earlier today because Pixma calls for it), and it easily printed pages of labels of various sizes (Avery 8160, Avery 5263).  Printing labels on the old printer was child's play, and the results always were perfect.  Up until today I have used the new printer just to print on 8.5 by 11 inch sheets.  I am a retired MD, and have very little need to send correspondence in a business envelopes.  Today for the first time I needed to print an address on a business envelope.  I have spent more than 5 hours going through the on-line manuals and submanual links, and have been unable to print a single envelope.  The printer takes MUCH longer than the i860 to get going, and the menus are illogical and complicated.  I scream a lot of "french" when I am using that printer; it's a good thing that my sledgehammer is a good distance away from my computer table.  Compared to the i680, the Pixma is a horror story.  I have never before in my 60+ years of life developed such an intense hatred for anything.  I find it appalling that Canon can design and build such a Rube Goldberg machine (and provide such a user's manual).  I was a physics major in college, and have put together some pretty complicated devices.  This printer is so HORRIBLE it's unreal.  I'm afraid if trying to print labels (for my photo albums for example.  I "can't wait" to try to scan a picture into it (I'm looking forward to that as much as I am looking forward to my next root canal).  I would love to hear of others' experiences with this printer.  Maybe, maybe, maybe, I hope, I hope, I hope, I'm missing something.  Maybe it is just a terrible dream (I don't think so).  My email address is (removed as per forum guidelines).  I need someone to share my suffering, or maybe wake me up.


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