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Canoscan 9000F non-responsive, flashing power button


I have a Canoscan 9000F that I cannot seem to turn on or get connected to any computer. The power button has a blue light that is on for two seconds, then off for one, on a continuous loop. When I press it, the light turns off until I release the button. Then the pattern restarts. I have been unable to get this pattern to stop no matter how long I hold down the power button. The scanner remains completely silent, no moving scanning head or anything else. Google is unable to provide the answer and Canon no longer offers support for this product on the phone. Does anyone know what this issue is or how to resolve it?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi nlistgarten,

Please disconnect the power cord and the USB cable from your CanoScan 9000F.

Toggle the lock switch on your scanner a few times, leaving it in the unlocked position.

Reconnect only the power cord and turn your CanoScan 9000F on.

Does the power light stay on steady or does it still blink?





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Thank you for responding. After trying this, it still blinks. No change.


I wanted to follow up to see if you had seen the previous message and if you had any other ideas. Thanks!