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CanoScan LiDE 300 "Cannot Communicate" Error


300 LiDE scanner common fault with no fix - Is it something Canon should/could address?

I've used my scanner probably half a dozen times without issue - it's a great unit but I needed it last week and got the attached error message. I checked on various forums and noted that scanner head was parking on the hinge side - which seems o be the tell tale problem, also the warming up message doesn't appear. Smudger_0-1682619600270.jpeg

I couldn't find any any useful advise online except lots of YouTube videos from Asia taking their scanner to pieces and washing circuit boards with petrol etc! so borrowed another 300 LiDE scanner, plugged it in and amazingly it works perfectly - so defiantly not driver or USB cable related problem, the fault seems to be in the scanner itself. Any advise would be appreciated.

This seems to be a common fault though - there must be a simple fix, or at least a reasonable answer to the problem, even if it's a faulty component. I'm loathed to simply buy another one as I use it infrequently - hence my warranty expiring on a unit which has had little use!






This message isn't pointing to a fault. It's telling you the computer doesn't see the scanner at all.

Did you try your scanner on the computer the borrowed scanner came from? The problem could be in the USB cable itself. Do you have another one?

When I plug the scanner in, the computer makes the usb ping and the scanner head tracks from the hinged end to the button end does a bit of a jig light comes on then off and it then tracks back to the hinged end and parks, when I press any button on the scanner the fault appears. On the borrowed scanner, same ping when plugged in, the scanner head is already at the button end, it moves back and forwards a little bit and stays parked there, when I press a button, the scanner lights up and tracks to the hinge end and then light off, comes back to the button end and parks.

I used the same cable and software for both scanners, the faulty scanner parks at the hinge end which is what a Cannon tech pointed out in a previous fault question with the same fault code.


To simplify, please....Are you saying the borrowed scanner works fine on your computer and the other computer? And your scanner fails on both computers?

Yes, borrowed scanner works fine on both The only thing faulty is my scanner - cable and software working fine. I guess the scanner head being at the hinge is the main factor - After finding repair will cost 50% more than buying new, I have now bought a new scanner and got with same results - works fine with existing cable and software but scanner 'parks' at wrong end. (see image).

I hate the 'throw away' world we live in and for the sake of one small faulty component, it is cheaper to simply bin it... And they tell us to be environmentally aware! Scanner head default to wrong endScanner head default to wrong end