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Zombie Short Film Shot on Eos Rebel T2i


Hello everyone. We have decided to shoot a pre-trailer to a zombie short film we are in production for. This was shot on the Eos Rebel T2i with its standard lens, and a 50mm lens. I am proud to say I own one of these amazing cameras.


We were inspired to create our own short film inspired by the Walking Dead. In this new generation, a young leader by the name of Clarissa is left to lead the group of teenagers her age as well as others that fall into their lives. The group encounter enemies that are not just the dead. The Apocalypse has revolved around everyone, no matter of the age. The group faces new threats, the wisdom of the leader is question and a new unimaginable circumstance falls into play. We introduce our creation of the Hybrid, who is half human and half Carrier, otherwise known as a zombie. Could he be more than just a Hybrid? Or could there be more to the endurance of his life and why he lives being both? Stay tuned and find out!


Although the short film may still be in production, we have created a pre-trailer to give you the style of the film

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If you wish to see this short Film made, please vote for us at the International Movie Trailer Festival



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