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XC10: Charging via a 9v or 12v mobile battery pack


Basically my question is this:  Has anyone been able to successfully charge a LP-E6N inside a XC10 from a mobile battery pack? If so, was the battery pack set to 9v or 12v?


The included charger's output is listed as 8.4v so it seems like 9v should do it. But....


I have a mobile battery pack (XTPower MP-10000) that can output both 9v and 12v, and when it's set to 9v it successfully powers the camera while it's on, but it doesn't charge the LP-E6N while the camera is off.


So I'm wondering if something funky is going on, such as the voltage needed to power the camera is 9v but the volted needed to charge the LP-E6N inside the camera is 12v?  The last thing I want to do is set it to 12v and fry my new gadget.



Hello rjophoto, 

We have not tested charging the LP-E6N inside the XC10 with a mobile battery pack.  Since this is not tested or something ascribed in the manual we're not able to officially recommend attempting this.    

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Hi rjophoto,
I'm having the same decision to make. I want to charge my canon xc10 from a 12v v-loc battery. What was your diagosis, in the end? Did it work? Thanks, Jake