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Canon MV800 Short Battery Life


Hello all,

I have been getting my old cameras and camcorder working again. I haven't used the MV800 camcorder for about 20 years !

I charged The MV800 with it's original NB-2LH battery using the mains lead and it only recorded for about 14 minutes. It always used to last much longer than that.

So I bought another Canon NB-2LH which again recorded for only about the same time, so I bought a third. This time a Duracell DRC-2L which is supposed to be a NB-2LH equivalent, but again this only lasted about 14 minutes record time each.

The camcorder has been stored well for the past 20 years and is in fantastic condition with all the connections looking perfect. Perhaps the 'new' batteries are really also ancient or perhaps is there a way of charging them more strongly ?

Can anyone help please ?





I believe the MV800 was released 9 years ago.

Due to its age investing any money into it is probably not a good value proposition.  A better option might be an AC adapter for transferring videos, etc.

I'm sure it's in great condition, but it's no match for anything that is of recent manufacture.  Your money might be better spent working with something that is modern and compatible with today's technology standards.

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Note that electronics that sit for a long time unused will still degrade.  Could be that capacitors and other parts have degraded leading to degraded performance.


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Hi Ricky, thanks for that.

The camcorder is probably about 25 years old and I have been trying to see if it will work for 'old times sake'.

The original battery only recorded for about 14 minutes, so I recently bought a 'new' Canon battery of the same model as the original and that only recorded for about the same amount of time, so I bought a Duracell equivalent and again that did the same. 

All the connections look fine, so wonder if these 'new' batteries that I bought recently may have actually been manufactured some years ago ?

Thanks very much,