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Best camcorder upgrade from the Canon Vixia HF R800?


Hi guys,

Looking for some purchasing advice.

I picked up a Canon Vixia HF R800 a few years ago when I was considering picking up video and YouTubeing as a hobby. I went for that camera as it was cheap but from a decent manufacturer and featured an external mic input (3.5mm jack). I figured it was a great safe bet to see whether I would actually use it.

A few years later and I'm really enjoying learning about video. I think it's probably time for an upgrade. Even though I realize they've kind of fallen out of favor, I would love to stick with camcorders rather than DSLRs or mirrorless. I like the idea of a workhorse / dedicated video tool.

Deficits of my current camera that I guess it would be good to remedy:

The battery life is short and there's only one OEM battery that takes ages to charge.

No cold shoes.

An internal light would be super handy so that I have less stuff to rig up.

Ideally I'd be looking for something small enough to fit on a gimbal. I currently use the Ronin SC.

Is there anything that would both represent a step up from the Vixia while also meeting those requirements?

Thank you!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,

Based on what you describe it sounds like moving up to the XA series of professional camcorders would be a good route to take. The XA40 can use extended battery packs and will have more capability with other accessories, but as far as I can tell there are not any similar cameras with a built in LED light so something like that would still be external.